Why Choose Window Blinds Over Shutters?

If up until now you've always been a fan of shutters and you're thinking about changing to blinds, reluctantly, we're going to talk to you about the advantages of having blinds. You'll find that there are so many advantages that you'll start to see how they could make a fresh new change to your home.

Blinds are Great For the Home

You may be one of those people who immediately associate blinds with the dentist or doctors surgery with clinically austere vertical blinds. Perhaps this is how they were first used before they caught on, after all blinds are minimal, easy to clean and offer great window coverage, so it's only natural they'd be popular in a clinical setting.

However, blinds have come a long way since then, and they come in various styles, textures, colours and fabrics, which means you can have blinds in a domestic setting, and still have a stylish and elegant home. Whether your home is classic or modern, colourful or minimalist neutral tones, there'll be a set of blinds that really fit.

There Are Many Advantages With Blinds

As well as looking good, blinds have a number of advantages that make them a really great alternative to curtains. Shutters don't always offer the same amount of light control as you'd like, this is because they simply close or open depending on the style. There isn't much in-between.

However, with blinds you can really control the amount of light you allow in and in some cases, especially in the study or the bedroom, you can have blackout blinds that cut out all light. This is really good for rooms where there's a computer or a TV screen. If you can't sleep with too much light, then again, blackout blinds are a perfect choice. They're also useful in the bathroom for ultimate privacy.

Wide Variety of Materials

This is especially useful in a bathroom where there is more moisture than in any other part of the house. You can have specialised water-proof blinds or UPVC blinds, an ordinary fabric is no good if your bathroom is small with very little in the way of ventilation. You can also have blinds in metal, plastic, wood and faux wood.

Different Styles

Unlike with shutters there's a whole variety of different styles with blinds. We're talking, vertical, roller, Venetian, Roman and these offer light control, different colours and flexibility. While shutters are usually made of wood and open and shut, they're limited in style and colour. Not so with blinds, there's something for everyone and whatever the colour and style of your interiors, there'll be a style of blind that's just perfect.

Easy to Clean

Blinds are so easy to clean. They can be simply wiped over with a damp cloth and that's it you're finished. No hard work, it's nice and simple.

A Wide Variety of Blinds Offering You a Freat Choice

If you now think that blinds are the perfect choice for you, then get in touch with us here at Sunset Blinds. We can go over the size and shape of your windows, and let you take a look at the styles and materials we use to make our blinds. If you don't find something you like, then we can help you find something that works for you, and create some bespoke blinds for your home. We're here to help, and regardless of how unusual the shape of your windows, we can make the blind fit the window, so come and take a look.