Choosing the Right Conservatory Blinds

There's an awful lot of glass to cover in a conservatory which means you have to get the window coverage absolutely right. As it allows so much sun in, you'll be wanting to create a room where you can relax but not burn from the sun's rays. You conservatory is quite open to curiosity too because it's so exposed with floor to ceiling windows, so you'll also need to think about privacy.

There are a range of conservatory blinds from which to choose and it can leave you feeling confused as to which type of blind is right for your windows. However we'd like to try and make things easy for you, so we've dedicated this blog to all things conservatory when it comes to blinds. We hope you find it a useful guide for finding the right type of blind for your conservatory.

Vertical Conservatory Blinds

Opening and closing of vertical blinds do make them the perfect choice for conservatory windows because they're so easy to operate.

They also offer great light control because the vertical louvres can be opened as narrow or as wide as you wish so you don't have to completely block out light when you close them.

Pleated Conservatory Blinds

This type of blind offers elegance with light control, their beautiful concertina style create a real stylish look to any conservatory, and again come in a variety of different colours and fabrics.

Roller Conservatory Blinds

Roller blinds look great and are often seen on smaller windows around the home. On conservatories, however, you will need more than one, side-by-side and they offer great light control. With more than one blind you will be able to control the amount of sunlight you allow in and perhaps have one corner of the conservatory in shade if you wish.

Roman Conservatory Blinds

Roman blinds are classic in their design and are popular throughout the home. They make for greater light control but can be heavy in comparison to other blinds. Don't let this put you off though, if you do like the idea of Roman blinds then speak to us and we can discuss how we can make them best fit for your conservatory windows.

Venetian Conservatory Blinds

Aluminium is the best material for Venetian blinds in the conservatory as wood can warp with the sun. Again, we have slatted louvres and the option of being able to control the amount of light allowed in through the window. They're easy to clean with only a dusting every now and again with a cloth being enough. They can take up a bit of space when they've been retracted, but so can Roman blinds, but this doesn't mean they're not suitable for your conservatory. They can look extremely elegant and stylish, with a variety of different colours available.

Sunset Blinds – For Stylish Conservatory Blinds

Convinced you know what type of blinds you want for your conservatory now? If so then why not contact us and we can talk about it, if you're still unsure we can advise you on that too. We're a friendly knowledgable team of fitters and we're more than happy to help.