Choosing the Right Blinds For Your Bathroom

We're going to be talking about different blinds  and how you can use them to good effect in your bathroom. While all the attention is given to all the other rooms in your house, there's never enough attention for the bathroom. Well, we're going to be putting a stop to that this week. We'll be looking at the different types of blinds for the bathroom and which ones may be best for yours.

Quality window coverings are essential if you want your bathroom to look really good. If you've just spent time renovating it then you'll be wanting your bathroom to be finished off nicely with accessories.

Which type of bathroom blinds should you invest in?

Keep in mind that your bathroom is going to get quite moist due to the water and heat. If you bathroom is on the small side, then damp has little chance of escaping the room.

Naturally, larger bathrooms won't have this problem. So you can be a bit more adventurous with your materials.

Smaller Bathroom – Think About Materials

With a smaller bathroom however, stick to materials that are resistant to damp and mould. Something like wood effect or aluminium Venetian blinds. Roller blinds can look really good too, and with them being in the bathroom, it may be a good idea to choose a material that you're able to wipe clean.

Colour Blind

Your bathroom is the one place apart from your bedroom where you relax and unwind. Colours help in producing a more relaxed state of mind and there are different colours which are meant to have certain properties. Research online and think about which one you think is best for your bathroom. Perhaps blue for calmness, or yellow for energy.


Of course, privacy is a high priority for a bathroom. You want to make sure you can undress without being seen by the neighbours! We have a versatile range of blinds here that will give you the privacy you need. Blackout blinds are a great choice as they are opaque and no light can enter. They're also great at providing noise insulation and keeping warmth in. You may want something less dramatic such as Venetian or roller blinds that give you light control and the privacy you require.

Sunset Blinds – The Ideal Place For Your Bathroom Blinds

We've talked about bathroom blinds today and which ones are best for your home. To summarise, below is a short reminder of what to look out for when buying bathroom blinds.

Blinds For Small bathrooms

  • Stick to materials that resist damp and mould

  • Wood or aluminium are a good choice

  • Venetian type blinds in the materials above are great for your bathroom

  • Roller blinds are a good too, in a material you can wipe clean easily.

Blinds For Large Bathrooms

  • You can use whatever like for your bathroom if it's large enough to resist mould and damp

  • Roller blinds are great for larger bathrooms too with wipe clean facility.

Bathroom Blinds Colours

  • Colours have lots of great properties, choose one you're going to be able to relax in and something that suits your personal taste.


  • Here at Sunset Blinds we have blackout material for blinds which cuts out all light, this could be ideal for the bathroom

  • You can always opt for Venetian or roller blinds which will give you privacy and light control if you want something less extreme.

We hope you enjoyed our tips on choosing bathroom blinds for your home. If you have any further questions you'd like to ask,then just get in touch with us here at Sunset Blinds, we're always happy to help.