Your Guide to Perfect Fit Blinds

Why would you choose perfect fit blinds over any other type of blind? Well the main reasons might be time saving and no mess. After all, perfect fit blinds are installed without any fuss, with no drilling or screwing.

How does it fit? Well, it goes between the beading and glazing of all UPVC windows and doors and covers gaps, so that light can’t enter when they’re closed and you get privacy and insulation at the same time.

We’ve compiled a list of all the benefits you get with perfect fit blinds:-

  • Child friendly – there’s no cords or loops with this type of blind so children won’t be able to get hold of anything

  • They’re compact and fit snugly into the window so don’t they really need much space so your window have more room

  • When you have your perfect fit blinds installed you’ll find no screwing or drilling is needed and they fit quickly and easily with very little disruption

  • You can remove them whenever you like to clean them, it’s that simple

  • You want light or you want no light at all – the blinds are so well fitted they cover any gaps and light can’t enter through the top or the sides.

Can you have perfect fit blinds on all windows?

Perfect fit blinds are good for most windows and they can be made to fit UPVC windows. Unfortunately, wooden frames may not be suitable for this type of blind. Sliding patio doors, if you have them, may also be unsuitable as the mechanism won’t really work and could be damaged when you try to open them.

Here are some of the windows perfect fit blinds are suitable for:-


Perfect fit blinds are excellent for large windows and allow plenty of light in during the day and shut it out when you need it to.


You’ll get great privacy in the bedroom with perfect fit blinds because they give such great coverage. They can also dim the light during the day so it doesn’t get to uncomfortably bright. You can also choose fabric and colour that matches the décor of your room.

Bay Windows

They work really well with bay windows and offer great privacy despite the shape, and give a really snug fit. Perfect fit blinds will give a streamlined coverage and make the window seem less cluttered.


Often, when you have conventional blinds in the bathroom they can get wet or stained after a period of time. However with perfect fit blinds you get a nice snug fit and none of the propensity for staining or soaking. They also give good privacy because the edges are so well sealed.

Perfect Fit Blinds Edinburgh

You can have your perfect fit blinds in any colour, fabric or pattern you like, it’s entirely up to you. We have an eclectic range of colours, patterns and materials. You can also have your perfect fit installation in any type of blind you prefer, such as pleated, roller or Venetian.

Just get in touch today and we’ll talk you through our perfect fit blinds and you can tell us what kind of blinds you want. We’re ready to take your call.