The Benefits of Pleated Blinds

If you’re looking to provide cover for you windows and you don’t want to go down the more traditional curtain and/or nets route, then there’s a more modern and far more sophisticated solution to consider.

Home-owners are increasingly choosing blinds to provide coverage for their windows because they’re far easier to clean, provide better insulation during the winter, and protection from the sun during the summer months, while at the same time providing adequate privacy and light

Of course there’s a great deal of variety too – not just in style, colour and fabric, but also in the kind of blinds you can have. Each design have their own benefits and it’s up to you which one you choose for you home.

There will be a number of different factors governing your choice, such as the interior décor of your home and the architecture of your house. You may go with either classic or modern styles, but whichever one you go with there’s bound to be a blind that fits – for style and practicality.

Pleated Blinds Edinburgh

Pleated blinds in Edinburgh are an excellent choice as they are both stylish and practical. You can have them for your windows and conservatory too. Here at Sunset Blinds we have a fine selection of this particularly type of blind, and you’ll find they look both elegant and stylish as well as being both durable and functional at the same time.

Pleated blinds can be easily drawn up and down, keeping you in control of how much light and heat you allow in.

Tailored/Bespoke Design and Manufacture

Pleated blinds can be made to measure so they fit your windows perfectly, and they can be tailored to fit the style of your room/s, designed in such a way that they complement not only the shape of your windows, but the style of the house itself.

If you live on a main road, perhaps in a terraced house, you may sometimes suffer the inconvenience of people passing close by your window, but with pleated blinds you have the benefit of extra privacy.

Remote Control, Café Blinds, and Multi Shades

You can have your pleated blinds with remote control technology, and you can also have plain classic pleats, or perhaps with two shades in one blind. There are lots of different designs and functions for whichever blinds you choose, and whatever your preferences, we can discuss your particular needs and style/design/colour choices when we meet.

You can also have your pleated blinds in Edinburgh designed in such a way that they pull down from the bottom, rather than the more familiar top to bottom design.

You’ll also find that blinds in general are very good at keeping dust down to a minimum, and this will really help during the summer when the pollen count is high if you suffer with allergies.

Domestic and Commercial Pleated Blinds Installation

At Sunset Blinds we have plenty of experience installing pleated blinds for both domestic and commercial properties. All our staff are well trained and experienced and you’re always guaranteed a professional service from us. We always listen to our customers and we’ll be happy to talk through your ideas.

A Lot of Work Via Recommendation

We rely on customer recommendation – that’s how we succeed, when we’ve done such a good job, customers can’t help but recommend us on to other clients, so we can’t afford to provide shoddy work. Ever. That’s why when you hire us – you’ve got the best team on-board.

So get in touch today and let’s get those pleated blinds in Edinburgh measured and fitted – so your windows are looking as good as the rest of your home.