Vision Blinds - A Buyer's Guide

Looking for blinds in Edinburgh? For a versatile blind with a contemporary feel, you can't go wrong with Vision Blinds. They provide you with the flexibility to choose privacy, a great view, or anything in between. Available in a range of finishes and stylish colours, they add a classy touch to any room, while giving you total control of the view.

Vision Blinds: Choose Style and Substance

Vision Blinds offer contemporary homeowners with a flexible and stylish window accessory. They offer you several different options, so you can have a fully lit room, protection during overly bright days, and a full privacy blind. These blinds are designed to give maximum functionality whilst looking striking.

How Do Vision Blinds work?

Vision Blinds are made of two separate pieces of fabric. The translucent back material subtly filters light, taking the hard glare off a bright summer's day. The front panel is made of horizontal stripes of material that move independently of the back, and can be adjusted from fully closed to fully open, depending upon how much light you wish to let into the room.

And if you want to enjoy a full, uninterrupted view out of your window, the whole blind can be raised, rolling up into an attractive cassette headrail. The whole blind is operated by one single control chain, so you don't have to worry able tangled strings or pulling the wrong cord.

Vision Blinds Add to Your Home's Decor

Vision Blinds are not just functional. They are also aesthetically pleasing and visually striking. Choose a bold colour and transform your window into a statement piece. Fully closed or fully open, your Vision Blinds will provide a strong, colourful addition to your room. You can also choose a more subtle colour to blend in and complement the room.

You get a fantastic choice of colours and styles with Vision Blinds. As well as bold colours and subtle shades, you can get metallic and wood weave effects to create something truly eye catching in your home. Whatever your style, Vision Blinds can help you make it even more effective.

Choose Fantastic Service as well as Fantastic Blinds in Edinburgh

Sunset Blinds can fit stunning blinds that allow you to make the most of your window space, without compromising on privacy. We have 25 years of experience installing all kinds of blinds in Edinburgh, working with every taste and style imaginable. For a professional blind service that caters to your needs, contact us today and ask about Vision Blinds.