Why Choose Window Blinds Over Shutters?

If up until now you've always been a fan of shutters and you're thinking about changing to blinds, reluctantly, we're going to talk to you about the advantages of having blinds. You'll find that there are so many advantages that you'll start to see how they could make a fresh new change to your home.

Blinds are Great For the Home

You may be one of those people who immediately associate blinds with the dentist or doctors surgery with clinically austere vertical blinds. Perhaps this is how they were first used before they caught on, after all blinds are minimal, easy to clean and offer great window coverage, so it's only natural they'd be popular in a clinical setting.

However, blinds have come a long way since then, and they come in various styles, textures, colours and fabrics, which means you can have blinds in a domestic setting, and still have a stylish and elegant home. Whether your home is classic or modern, colourful or minimalist neutral tones, there'll be a set of blinds that really fit.

There Are Many Advantages With Blinds

As well as looking good, blinds have a number of advantages that make them a really great alternative to curtains. Shutters don't always offer the same amount of light control as you'd like, this is because they simply close or open depending on the style. There isn't much in-between.

However, with blinds you can really control the amount of light you allow in and in some cases, especially in the study or the bedroom, you can have blackout blinds that cut out all light. This is really good for rooms where there's a computer or a TV screen. If you can't sleep with too much light, then again, blackout blinds are a perfect choice. They're also useful in the bathroom for ultimate privacy.

Wide Variety of Materials

This is especially useful in a bathroom where there is more moisture than in any other part of the house. You can have specialised water-proof blinds or UPVC blinds, an ordinary fabric is no good if your bathroom is small with very little in the way of ventilation. You can also have blinds in metal, plastic, wood and faux wood.

Different Styles

Unlike with shutters there's a whole variety of different styles with blinds. We're talking, vertical, roller, Venetian, Roman and these offer light control, different colours and flexibility. While shutters are usually made of wood and open and shut, they're limited in style and colour. Not so with blinds, there's something for everyone and whatever the colour and style of your interiors, there'll be a style of blind that's just perfect.

Easy to Clean

Blinds are so easy to clean. They can be simply wiped over with a damp cloth and that's it you're finished. No hard work, it's nice and simple.

A Wide Variety of Blinds Offering You a Freat Choice

If you now think that blinds are the perfect choice for you, then get in touch with us here at Sunset Blinds. We can go over the size and shape of your windows, and let you take a look at the styles and materials we use to make our blinds. If you don't find something you like, then we can help you find something that works for you, and create some bespoke blinds for your home. We're here to help, and regardless of how unusual the shape of your windows, we can make the blind fit the window, so come and take a look.

Choosing the Right Conservatory Blinds

There's an awful lot of glass to cover in a conservatory which means you have to get the window coverage absolutely right. As it allows so much sun in, you'll be wanting to create a room where you can relax but not burn from the sun's rays. You conservatory is quite open to curiosity too because it's so exposed with floor to ceiling windows, so you'll also need to think about privacy.

There are a range of conservatory blinds from which to choose and it can leave you feeling confused as to which type of blind is right for your windows. However we'd like to try and make things easy for you, so we've dedicated this blog to all things conservatory when it comes to blinds. We hope you find it a useful guide for finding the right type of blind for your conservatory.

Vertical Conservatory Blinds

Opening and closing of vertical blinds do make them the perfect choice for conservatory windows because they're so easy to operate.

They also offer great light control because the vertical louvres can be opened as narrow or as wide as you wish so you don't have to completely block out light when you close them.

Pleated Conservatory Blinds

This type of blind offers elegance with light control, their beautiful concertina style create a real stylish look to any conservatory, and again come in a variety of different colours and fabrics.

Roller Conservatory Blinds

Roller blinds look great and are often seen on smaller windows around the home. On conservatories, however, you will need more than one, side-by-side and they offer great light control. With more than one blind you will be able to control the amount of sunlight you allow in and perhaps have one corner of the conservatory in shade if you wish.

Roman Conservatory Blinds

Roman blinds are classic in their design and are popular throughout the home. They make for greater light control but can be heavy in comparison to other blinds. Don't let this put you off though, if you do like the idea of Roman blinds then speak to us and we can discuss how we can make them best fit for your conservatory windows.

Venetian Conservatory Blinds

Aluminium is the best material for Venetian blinds in the conservatory as wood can warp with the sun. Again, we have slatted louvres and the option of being able to control the amount of light allowed in through the window. They're easy to clean with only a dusting every now and again with a cloth being enough. They can take up a bit of space when they've been retracted, but so can Roman blinds, but this doesn't mean they're not suitable for your conservatory. They can look extremely elegant and stylish, with a variety of different colours available.

Sunset Blinds – For Stylish Conservatory Blinds

Convinced you know what type of blinds you want for your conservatory now? If so then why not contact us and we can talk about it, if you're still unsure we can advise you on that too. We're a friendly knowledgable team of fitters and we're more than happy to help.

Choosing the Right Blinds For Your Bathroom

We're going to be talking about different blinds  and how you can use them to good effect in your bathroom. While all the attention is given to all the other rooms in your house, there's never enough attention for the bathroom. Well, we're going to be putting a stop to that this week. We'll be looking at the different types of blinds for the bathroom and which ones may be best for yours.

Quality window coverings are essential if you want your bathroom to look really good. If you've just spent time renovating it then you'll be wanting your bathroom to be finished off nicely with accessories.

Which type of bathroom blinds should you invest in?

Keep in mind that your bathroom is going to get quite moist due to the water and heat. If you bathroom is on the small side, then damp has little chance of escaping the room.

Naturally, larger bathrooms won't have this problem. So you can be a bit more adventurous with your materials.

Smaller Bathroom – Think About Materials

With a smaller bathroom however, stick to materials that are resistant to damp and mould. Something like wood effect or aluminium Venetian blinds. Roller blinds can look really good too, and with them being in the bathroom, it may be a good idea to choose a material that you're able to wipe clean.

Colour Blind

Your bathroom is the one place apart from your bedroom where you relax and unwind. Colours help in producing a more relaxed state of mind and there are different colours which are meant to have certain properties. Research online and think about which one you think is best for your bathroom. Perhaps blue for calmness, or yellow for energy.


Of course, privacy is a high priority for a bathroom. You want to make sure you can undress without being seen by the neighbours! We have a versatile range of blinds here that will give you the privacy you need. Blackout blinds are a great choice as they are opaque and no light can enter. They're also great at providing noise insulation and keeping warmth in. You may want something less dramatic such as Venetian or roller blinds that give you light control and the privacy you require.

Sunset Blinds – The Ideal Place For Your Bathroom Blinds

We've talked about bathroom blinds today and which ones are best for your home. To summarise, below is a short reminder of what to look out for when buying bathroom blinds.

Blinds For Small bathrooms

  • Stick to materials that resist damp and mould

  • Wood or aluminium are a good choice

  • Venetian type blinds in the materials above are great for your bathroom

  • Roller blinds are a good too, in a material you can wipe clean easily.

Blinds For Large Bathrooms

  • You can use whatever like for your bathroom if it's large enough to resist mould and damp

  • Roller blinds are great for larger bathrooms too with wipe clean facility.

Bathroom Blinds Colours

  • Colours have lots of great properties, choose one you're going to be able to relax in and something that suits your personal taste.


  • Here at Sunset Blinds we have blackout material for blinds which cuts out all light, this could be ideal for the bathroom

  • You can always opt for Venetian or roller blinds which will give you privacy and light control if you want something less extreme.

We hope you enjoyed our tips on choosing bathroom blinds for your home. If you have any further questions you'd like to ask,then just get in touch with us here at Sunset Blinds, we're always happy to help.

Choosing the Right Blinds For Your Bedroom

If you’re unsure about whether blinds are right for you bedroom, then perhaps we can convince you otherwise. If you instinctively think of blinds as something you’d have in an office, without the charm of a bedroom, then you couldn’t be more wrong.

Firstly, there are a variety of different blinds on offer, and not just the striped blinds you associate with a dental practice. There are Venetian, roman and roller, and you can have them specially made to blackout all light, if you prefer it dark at night.

Roman Blinds and Roller Blinds

Roman blinds are a popular choice for bedrooms and especially with blackout lining they offer full darkness at night. Not only are they functional, but with a variety of different colours and styles, they can add a certain sophistication to any bedroom.

Blackout roller blinds are also effective for blocking out light and you can have them up, down or halfway up, this way you can control the amount of light you allow in. However, they do have certain limitations if you only want to allow a tiny bit of light in.

Blinds Can Be Modern and Stylish

Because there are so many different styles and colours your room can look every bit as stylish and modern as you’d like it to be and without the dreariness of heavy curtains and nets.

Chic, Sophisticated & Functional

Although roman and Roller blinds can offer a certain degree of protection from the sun, their limitations are that they only roll up or down. Therefore, if you are concerned about light control, then perhaps plantation shutters or blinds with vertical or horizontal slats may offer you more control.

Light Control

Don’t think your bedroom is going to be turned into a cold and uninviting waiting room if you opt for this type of blind. They can look warm and soft, and with the right lighting, they can really make a bedroom a haven of warmth and sophistication.

Also, you can control light much better by altering the slats to be wide open or semi closed, or fully closed. Naturally, if you have young children, then we can supply blinds that follow current child safety guidelines, so there are no accidents.

Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds are a popular choice and can look very stylish. Again, in a similar way to roller blinds, they can control the amount of light and allow for privacy when needed.

So Many Different Styles, Colours and Textures

There has been a proliferation of blind styles over the past few years, and this is good news for those of you who are now coming round to the idea of blinds rather than curtains. So if you‘re looking to have blinds in your bedroom, then come to Sunset Blinds as we have an exclusive and versatile range of different styles, colours, textiles and patterns. You can also have blinds with thermal or blackout lining, or even both if you prefer.

Get in touch today if you’re thinking of having blinds fitted to your bedrooms, we’re happy to help and if you are thinking of going ahead, you can either measure them yourself, or we can do that for you with our made to measure service. 

Noise Reduction With Window Shutters

Window shutters, or plantation shutters as they are also known, give your home a really unique and attractive finish to both your windows and the rest of your home. They not only act as an attractive feature of your property, thus adding value to your home, they also provide functional benefits too.

In this blog post we’re going to take a look at one particularly functional advantage you get from window shutters in Edinburgh, and that is noise reduction.

Window Shutters – Attractive and Unique With Fantastic Noise Reduction Qualities

We all know that window shutters are an attractive addition to any home, giving it a continental feel, and at the same time, giving your windows some seriously unique window coverage. They’re much more hard wearing than conventional curtains and they have a long life, so your initial investment is money well spent.

Wherever you’re living, you will no doubt be a slave to some kind of noise pollution, even if you live in a relatively quiet area. Whether it’s passing traffic, people traffic or the sounds of industry, it can sometimes get on top of you.

Conventional Curtains Don’t Provide Effective Noise Reduction

Thing is, what can you do? Sometimes, keeping your curtains closed and make the room seem unnecessarily dark isn’t the best idea. There is a solution, and that is provided by using window shutters. Window shutters allow for the reduction in noise and even if you have to close your shutters, you can still have sufficient light.

The wooden material used to make window shutters help to not only provide insulation, but provide excellent noise reduction. Our window shutters are made of quality wood, so this creates a barrier across the window which will absorb noise. As they are made to measure, there are no gaps so you get a nice, snug fit on your windows.

When You Want Peace and Quiet, You Get It

If you combine this with good quality double glazing you can easily shut the world out and the noise. You can have your very own bespoke window shutters and keep out unwanted noise whenever you want.

Window Shutters in Edinburgh – With Sunset Blinds

Here at Sunset Blinds you’ll get your window shutters in whichever style or colour you like, made to measure to your specifications. We take pride on our work and we always make sure our window shutters are exactly what our customers wanted and fit the window like a glove. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to giving you the best wooden window shutters and value for money.

Wooden Window Shutters – The Best Window Coverage

If you need to discuss any of the points above, or you’re toying with the idea of having wooden window shutters and you haven’t quite made a decision yet, then get in touch with us here at Sunset Blinds. One of our team will be happy to take your call and answer any of your questions. 

Your Guide to Perfect Fit Blinds

Why would you choose perfect fit blinds over any other type of blind? Well the main reasons might be time saving and no mess. After all, perfect fit blinds are installed without any fuss, with no drilling or screwing.

How does it fit? Well, it goes between the beading and glazing of all UPVC windows and doors and covers gaps, so that light can’t enter when they’re closed and you get privacy and insulation at the same time.

We’ve compiled a list of all the benefits you get with perfect fit blinds:-

  • Child friendly – there’s no cords or loops with this type of blind so children won’t be able to get hold of anything

  • They’re compact and fit snugly into the window so don’t they really need much space so your window have more room

  • When you have your perfect fit blinds installed you’ll find no screwing or drilling is needed and they fit quickly and easily with very little disruption

  • You can remove them whenever you like to clean them, it’s that simple

  • You want light or you want no light at all – the blinds are so well fitted they cover any gaps and light can’t enter through the top or the sides.

Can you have perfect fit blinds on all windows?

Perfect fit blinds are good for most windows and they can be made to fit UPVC windows. Unfortunately, wooden frames may not be suitable for this type of blind. Sliding patio doors, if you have them, may also be unsuitable as the mechanism won’t really work and could be damaged when you try to open them.

Here are some of the windows perfect fit blinds are suitable for:-


Perfect fit blinds are excellent for large windows and allow plenty of light in during the day and shut it out when you need it to.


You’ll get great privacy in the bedroom with perfect fit blinds because they give such great coverage. They can also dim the light during the day so it doesn’t get to uncomfortably bright. You can also choose fabric and colour that matches the décor of your room.

Bay Windows

They work really well with bay windows and offer great privacy despite the shape, and give a really snug fit. Perfect fit blinds will give a streamlined coverage and make the window seem less cluttered.


Often, when you have conventional blinds in the bathroom they can get wet or stained after a period of time. However with perfect fit blinds you get a nice snug fit and none of the propensity for staining or soaking. They also give good privacy because the edges are so well sealed.

Perfect Fit Blinds Edinburgh

You can have your perfect fit blinds in any colour, fabric or pattern you like, it’s entirely up to you. We have an eclectic range of colours, patterns and materials. You can also have your perfect fit installation in any type of blind you prefer, such as pleated, roller or Venetian.

Just get in touch today and we’ll talk you through our perfect fit blinds and you can tell us what kind of blinds you want. We’re ready to take your call.

The Benefits of Conservatory Blinds

If you’ve never had blinds before, or you’re thinking of having blinds for the first time, then we’re hoping this post well hope convince you of what a good idea they really are. Hopefully, we’ll also be able to bring you round to the idea of conservatory blinds, because we believe, and we’re sure you will too, that they’re by far one of the best all round window coverings for a conservatory.

Your conservatory offers a place to relax and unwind, however sometimes it can get too bright, too cold or too hot and what conservatory blinds does is offer a respite from this. It gives you control over light and temperature, so your time in the conservatory is even better.

Privacy Matters

It’s great that you get such great views of your garden and the surrounding landscape from you conservatory, but sometimes you’d like a little privacy. That’s understandable, and with conservatory blinds, you’ll get exactly that. You can decide how much you want them opened and you can shut out the world completely if that’s what you need.

Heat, Light and Dark

Conservatory blinds offer excellent control. You can control how much light you allow in, you can control the dark, and completely close them if you wish, or have them only slightly closed. You get all that and you get perfectly stylish window covering. Style and functionality – that’s what you get with conservatory blinds.

Variety and Versatility

As well as having functional and durable conservatory blinds, why don’t you choose a style that suits your personal tastes and the décor of your conservatory? Blinds offer you this unlike curtains. As well as colour and pattern, we’re also talking fabrics and woods. Wood does give a more natural look, but it really depends on what you like best.

Regardless of the type of blinds you go with, there’s bound to be something that suits because the versatility and range that we have at Sunset Blinds is second to none.

Put Them to Work

Your conservatory blinds work with you to provide the best environment by offering the best coverage when the weather is either hot or cold. Here at Sunset Blinds we have solar reflective blinds so you’ll be nice and cool in the summer months and nice and warm during winter. You can also have remote control to operate your conservatory blinds, so we really do have an impressive selection of blinds.

Conservatory Blinds Edinburgh

Have we convinced you?

If the answer is yes, and we sincerely hope it is, then come on over to our showroom and talk to us about what kind of conservatory blinds you’re looking for. We also stock a whole range of different types of blinds too, so do take a look around. We’ll talk to you about what we have in stock and help you decide on what’s best for your home. We’re here to help, and if you want to have us do the measuring for you, we can do that too.

The Benefits of Pleated Blinds

If you’re looking to provide cover for you windows and you don’t want to go down the more traditional curtain and/or nets route, then there’s a more modern and far more sophisticated solution to consider.

Home-owners are increasingly choosing blinds to provide coverage for their windows because they’re far easier to clean, provide better insulation during the winter, and protection from the sun during the summer months, while at the same time providing adequate privacy and light

Of course there’s a great deal of variety too – not just in style, colour and fabric, but also in the kind of blinds you can have. Each design have their own benefits and it’s up to you which one you choose for you home.

There will be a number of different factors governing your choice, such as the interior décor of your home and the architecture of your house. You may go with either classic or modern styles, but whichever one you go with there’s bound to be a blind that fits – for style and practicality.

Pleated Blinds Edinburgh

Pleated blinds in Edinburgh are an excellent choice as they are both stylish and practical. You can have them for your windows and conservatory too. Here at Sunset Blinds we have a fine selection of this particularly type of blind, and you’ll find they look both elegant and stylish as well as being both durable and functional at the same time.

Pleated blinds can be easily drawn up and down, keeping you in control of how much light and heat you allow in.

Tailored/Bespoke Design and Manufacture

Pleated blinds can be made to measure so they fit your windows perfectly, and they can be tailored to fit the style of your room/s, designed in such a way that they complement not only the shape of your windows, but the style of the house itself.

If you live on a main road, perhaps in a terraced house, you may sometimes suffer the inconvenience of people passing close by your window, but with pleated blinds you have the benefit of extra privacy.

Remote Control, Café Blinds, and Multi Shades

You can have your pleated blinds with remote control technology, and you can also have plain classic pleats, or perhaps with two shades in one blind. There are lots of different designs and functions for whichever blinds you choose, and whatever your preferences, we can discuss your particular needs and style/design/colour choices when we meet.

You can also have your pleated blinds in Edinburgh designed in such a way that they pull down from the bottom, rather than the more familiar top to bottom design.

You’ll also find that blinds in general are very good at keeping dust down to a minimum, and this will really help during the summer when the pollen count is high if you suffer with allergies.

Domestic and Commercial Pleated Blinds Installation

At Sunset Blinds we have plenty of experience installing pleated blinds for both domestic and commercial properties. All our staff are well trained and experienced and you’re always guaranteed a professional service from us. We always listen to our customers and we’ll be happy to talk through your ideas.

A Lot of Work Via Recommendation

We rely on customer recommendation – that’s how we succeed, when we’ve done such a good job, customers can’t help but recommend us on to other clients, so we can’t afford to provide shoddy work. Ever. That’s why when you hire us – you’ve got the best team on-board.

So get in touch today and let’s get those pleated blinds in Edinburgh measured and fitted – so your windows are looking as good as the rest of your home.

The Benefits of Roman Blinds

Change is a Good Thing

You may have just moved into your home, or you may have decided on a complete refurbish of your current home in keeping with current trends, or because you want a new style that’s in tune with your personal tastes. Perhaps you have an idea that you want explore that will give your living room a completely new look, and you’re looking at all the different ways you can do this, everything you’re going to need, colours, paint, furnishings, wall hangings, window blinds or curtains. Yes, there’s a lot to think about.

Curtains or Blinds?

As we’ve seen there are many different reasons you might want to decorate your home, or change certain aspects of it. If you’ve been toying with the idea of using either curtains or blinds, then perhaps you’ve now come to a decision, after all, blinds are far easier to look after than curtains. You’ll also find that you don’t just have to settle for plastic slatted blinds that look like a dentist’s reception area. There are a variety of different ones to choose from that can be as stylish as your home, classic or modern, blinds provide a refreshing and versatile alternative to curtains.

Why Roman Blinds?

Roman blinds are both flexible, practical and stylish and give your window complete coverage, this means you can shut out daylight when you wish and have complete privacy at night.

You can choose what fabric you prefer and the colour, and you can have them with gathered pleats so they close better, and the folds in the blinds look utterly gorgeous when raised.

Roman Blinds Help Control Room Temperature

Roman blinds can fulfil many needs, they can keep the sun out and keep heat in during winter, and you can also have your Roman blinds made with material that reflects heat away from the room, which is exactly what you need during the heat of summer. They can also be made with thicker material and in the winter they’ll be able to reflect heat back in order to keep the room warm.

Sunset Roman Blinds Edinburgh

Roman blinds have many advantages there’s a range of materials that can be used, there’s an incredible range of colours and styles, which we can help you choose, and as we’ve seen, they can help in maintaining the temperature in a room.

You can have either ready to hang or you can have made to measure blinds. They’re really good for conservatories where there’s large areas of glass to be covered. They’re easy to use, easy to clean and they’re long lasting.

Still Undecided?

If you’re undecided as to whether Roman blinds are for you, then feel free to contact us or call in to our showroom, where we’ll be glad to discuss the options available to you. Because we have such a versatile selection of Roman blinds on offer, you’ll find there’s bound to be something there that fits in with the overall décor of your home, and we’re always happy to help. 

The Benefits of Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds are a sturdy and classic choice for any room. They lend an air of sophistication to your window and are an impressive addition to your furniture and decorations. They work well in all kinds of rooms and homes and offer great functionality on top of looking the part. Wooden blinds in Edinburgh are just one of the range of options available to you when shopping for window furnishings.

Here are some reasons you should consider wood blinds for your home.

A Strong Investment

Wooden blinds are solidly built and are highly durable. As well as looking great, they perform well and will last for a long time. The initial cost is therefore worthwhile when you consider that your wooden blinds will last for many years to come. Other types of blinds can tarnish or age, but wooden blinds are easy to keep in tip top condition.

Wooden Blinds as Insulation

Because wood is a dense material, wooden blinds are great for blocking out sound, and also for keeping the temperature regular. They help to insulate your room, meaning that as much heat won’t escape through the windows when the weather is cold, and your nice cool room won’t feel like a furnace during the hot weather. So wooden blinds could actually help you to save a little money on your heating bills.

Superior Privacy

The same properties that make wood blinds good for keeping heat in or out make them ideal for blocking out light and protecting your privacy. Wooden blinds don’t let any light through the slats themselves, so you won’t have shadows or outlines in your blinds like you might get with fabric versions. If you are the sort of person who really values their privacy and likes to be alone, wooden blinds are the way to go. They are also very effective when it comes to blocking out light, making them a good choice for light sleepers who need total darkness in order to nod off.

Lots of Styles For Wooden Blinds in Edinburgh

Our range of wooden blinds in Edinburgh offers all kinds of styles and sizes. With different finishes and wood types, you will easily be able to choose wooden blinds that match your current room or the new style you are planning to create. We can even handle custom orders, so if you can’t find what you are looking for, we can get it made especially for you. Have a look at our range of wooden blinds in Edinburgh today.

Get in touch to speak to our team and arrange your free wooden blind quotation.

Vertical Blinds - A Buyer's Guide

Vertical Blinds are a classic design that can be seen in homes and offices across the country. Made of multiple strips of hanging fabric that can pivot, they give you a stylish way of controlling the privacy and light in any room. As well as looking great, and working well in all kinds of space, they have a range of benefits.

A Great Choice of Vertical Blind Styles

Vertical Blinds Edinburgh are available in a range of fabrics of different weights, so you can find the perfect match for your room. Choose a simple neutral colour to blend in and match the rest of the room, or pick out a fabric in a bold colour to create a strong statement and something that can't fail to catch the eye.

Enjoy Some Privacy

You can live in the greatest area with the nicest neighbours, but that still doesn't mean you want everyone walking past the windows peeking in. Vertical Blinds allow you to enjoy some privacy without having to resort to sitting in total darkness. With fabrics in a range of opacities and the ability to control how open your blinds are, you can still enjoy a light room without feeling like your every move is being overlooked.

Vertical Blinds For Temperature Control

As well as looking good, Vertical Blinds will make you feel good too. We're not just talking about the satisfaction of a stylish window fitting, either. Vertical Blinds help to trap air, which ensures that heat has a hard time moving around. In the winter this means that your cosy rooms won't lose as much heat through the windows, while in the summer the cool air indoors will stay that way. How well a blind works as an insulator will depend upon many factors, including where it is fitted and what material has been chosen. All Vertical Blinds will help to some degree.

Vertical Blinds Improve Your Energy Efficiency

It's not just you that will feel the benefits of the insulating properties of Vertical Blinds - your bills can too. These blinds are great for large areas of glass, such as sliding doors or bay windows, and can help these places to become more energy efficient through reducing heat loss. The warmer your room stays, the less you have to spend heating it.

Vertical Blinds Edinburgh - Straight Up Quality, Service, and Prices

Vertical Blinds look great in any room. For an extensive selection of materials and styles, made and fitted at affordable prices, get in touch with us to discuss Vertical Blinds in Edinburgh.

Vision Blinds - A Buyer's Guide

Looking for blinds in Edinburgh? For a versatile blind with a contemporary feel, you can't go wrong with Vision Blinds. They provide you with the flexibility to choose privacy, a great view, or anything in between. Available in a range of finishes and stylish colours, they add a classy touch to any room, while giving you total control of the view.

Vision Blinds: Choose Style and Substance

Vision Blinds offer contemporary homeowners with a flexible and stylish window accessory. They offer you several different options, so you can have a fully lit room, protection during overly bright days, and a full privacy blind. These blinds are designed to give maximum functionality whilst looking striking.

How Do Vision Blinds work?

Vision Blinds are made of two separate pieces of fabric. The translucent back material subtly filters light, taking the hard glare off a bright summer's day. The front panel is made of horizontal stripes of material that move independently of the back, and can be adjusted from fully closed to fully open, depending upon how much light you wish to let into the room.

And if you want to enjoy a full, uninterrupted view out of your window, the whole blind can be raised, rolling up into an attractive cassette headrail. The whole blind is operated by one single control chain, so you don't have to worry able tangled strings or pulling the wrong cord.

Vision Blinds Add to Your Home's Decor

Vision Blinds are not just functional. They are also aesthetically pleasing and visually striking. Choose a bold colour and transform your window into a statement piece. Fully closed or fully open, your Vision Blinds will provide a strong, colourful addition to your room. You can also choose a more subtle colour to blend in and complement the room.

You get a fantastic choice of colours and styles with Vision Blinds. As well as bold colours and subtle shades, you can get metallic and wood weave effects to create something truly eye catching in your home. Whatever your style, Vision Blinds can help you make it even more effective.

Choose Fantastic Service as well as Fantastic Blinds in Edinburgh

Sunset Blinds can fit stunning blinds that allow you to make the most of your window space, without compromising on privacy. We have 25 years of experience installing all kinds of blinds in Edinburgh, working with every taste and style imaginable. For a professional blind service that caters to your needs, contact us today and ask about Vision Blinds.

Roller Blinds: A Buyer’s Guide

When looking for a window covering that’s stylish and functional then contemporary roller blinds are the answer. These blinds will shield your room from bright sunshine by day and offer a perfect block against a full moon at night. They are versatile and come in a range of styles and colours.

Roller Blinds: Style and Function

This simple, yet highly effective blind used to be synonymous with offices, but due to its ease of use, and an inspirational new generation of styles and fabrics, you’re as likely to see this blind adorning the windows of houses across Scotland as well as offices.

One of the reasons for these roller blinds popularity is their adaptability. They can be used in any room in the home; they can be made in a variety of fabrics and colours.

Roller Blinds are Easy to Operate

A chord can operate roller blinds or they can be controlled with a senses device that allows the blinds to be controlled remotely and is chain free. Families with young children often opt for senses blinds, as chords and pulleys can be perceived as dangerous.

If you’re looking for the best range of roller blinds Edinburgh has to offer, then Sunset Blinds should be your first port of call.

Blackout Blinds

Anyone who works shifts and has to sleep during the day, or if the sun disturbs a young child during their afternoon nap, then blackout blinds are a useful option. It’s simply a matter of explaining your family’s needs to our consultants and we’ll be able to demonstrate our blackout roller blinds. These blinds come in a wide range of fabrics and will fit in with your existing décor.

If you’re looking for bathroom privacy, then sheer roller blinds are perfect; these blinds can also come in a range of colours to work with your existing interior design.

Customise Your Roller Blinds

Roller blinds have a reputation for fitting snugly around your window space, but this doesn’t preclude fabric-covered pelmets and other features to complement your window. You can always opt for additional braids or scallops on the blind if you’re looking for an additional decorative feature.

You’ll also be delighted to find that the only design limitation with roller blinds will be your imagination. You can opt for a wonderful range of colours and designs when you make use of our tailored made to measure service.

Select the Sunset Roller Blinds Service

We’ve been in business for 25 years and have experience in all tastes and design features. We will come round to your home and offer a free estimate and measuring consultation, so you can rest assured that you’re enjoying our unique and personalised service, no job is too large or too small.

To find out more about our roller blinds, why not get in contact with us today.

Venetian Blinds – A Buyer’s Guide

If you’re looking for a stylish and contemporary alternative to curtains, then Venetian blinds could be the answer. Forget about old images of dingy offices with ugly discoloured plastic blinds. Contemporary blinds come in all materials, shapes and colours.

Sophistication and class

Contemporary Venetian blinds can really make a room look stylish. Imagine the appearance of your living room on a hot summer’s day with your window dressed with white wooden blinds. The room will look cool and relaxing, and if you only lower them halfway across the window, you’ll still be able to appreciate the beauty of the outside environment. Alternatively, if you want a perfect solution for bathroom privacy, then Venetian blinds look good and will protect your modesty.

Modern Venetian blind materials

If you want to enhance a room, wooden blinds might be the answer. You can select the size of the slats, dependent on your needs. The horizontal slats start off at 16 mm, and you can obtain really wide slats that will measure 50mm. It’s entirely up to you and the décor of your room. Venetian blinds are also constructed from metal and come in an assortment of slat sizes. Both wooden and metal blinds come in a wide range of colours and hues and we at Sunset Blinds Edinburgh will do our best to advise you.

Whether you want a new blind for your home office, or feel that a blind is the perfect window covering for your conservatory, you’ll be delighted with the versatility of this product.

The Benefits of Venetian Blinds

One of the main reasons why so many householders select Venetian blinds is that they are very easy to clean. You’ll no longer have to worry about expensive dry cleaning bills if you swap your heavy fabric curtains for blinds, sometimes a wipe with a damp cloth is enough to maintain your blinds. Metal blinds are easy to clean, simply close the slats and wipe them over with a dry cloth or feather duster and then apply a damp cloth if necessary. You can even use a vacuum or steam cleaner on this surface. Wooden blinds are also easy to look after.

The blinds can be dusted down, on a regular basis, or if they are exceptionally dirty you can use a damp cloth. Be careful not to make your cloth too wet and remember never to use detergents on wooden blinds.

Measuring your window

First of all decide whether you want your blinds to hang inside a window recess or cover the window area as a whole. If you are planning to install your blinds yourself then take a metal tape measure and measure the width of the window. Some windows aren’t uniform so take your measurements from three different areas.

Made to measure blinds have to have recess measurements included so that the blinds hang correctly. When measuring the vertical space, again take three different measurements and reduce the measurements by a centimetre so that the blind doesn’t rest on your windowsill. If your window doesn’t have a recess then add an extra 10 cm to your width measurements to ensure that the blinds block the window effectively.

Sunset Blinds Edinburgh provide a full Venetian Blind Service

You could always call in the experts. Sunset Blinds Edinburgh are professionals in the field and we will help you make the best choice for your room. We offer a full made to measure service; we will visit you in your home and provide a free no obligation consultation. Our prices are tailor made and very competitive. Why not take a look and see what some of our satisfied customers have to say about us. We have 25 years experience and we can offer you a complete service. We can:

  • Help you select your blinds

  • Give you with an estimate that will include measuring your windows

  • Provide an expert fitting service

Get in touch today and take advantage of our expertise, and let Edinburgh’s leading blind specialists help you transform your home.

Stylish roller blinds with Sunset Blinds Edinburgh

Roller blinds can really transform a room. Whatever the dimensions of your space, by installing a roller blind you can create a room with style and character. You can create real ambience with the colour and texture of your blind, so it’s important that you contact the experts

Choosing you’re the right blinds

There is a huge choice of blinds to choose from and Sunset Blinds Edinburgh can help you make your choice. You may just want to install your blinds to compliment your room’s décor; alternatively you may use the blinds to block out the light, or insulate your room.

Mechanical blinds can be operated through a spring mechanism, without cords, or with beaded side controls. Or you might select a senses roller blind. Here are some definitions to help you make your choice:

Cordless spring mechanism blinds

These blinds don’t require any cords or pulleys and are safe for those families with children. The actual spring mechanism powers the movement of these blinds, so you’ll be able to adjust your blinds with just a flick of the side switch.

Senses roller blinds

Senses blinds look just like a regular blind, but they can do so much more than just cover your window. They come with a fully integrated fabric covered fascia, so the blind will blend in with the rest of your room’s décor. Cords, loops and other control gadgets are replaced with a single switch. Magically, if you have more than one senses blind in your home, you can set the controls, so that all of these can rise or fall at the same time. The system works on a slow rise design, so that it’s entirely child friendly.

Personalise your blinds

There’s absolutely no reason why you can’t continue the interior design theme of your home with roller blinds. Remember that you can always compliment your décor with braids, scallops, or any other design feature. Explain your needs to our made to measure blinds experts and we will fulfil your wishes.

Sunset Window Blinds is a versatile company

We appreciate that our customers may be choosing their blinds for a whole variety of reasons. These might include:

Thermal efficiency

With the onset of winter you want to ensure that your windows are absolutely draft proof. The fabric that we use in our roller blinds will keep in the heat, but will also look stylish at the same time. Our fabrics are also washable and anti-bacterial, which will reassure anyone with allergies.

Solar control

If you don’t want the full glare of the sun streaming in throughout the day, then take a look at our range. For the ultimate in protection from the light, you could select blackout roller blinds, or you could opt for privacy control blinds or even make a choice from our anti-glare selection. This means that the sun will still light up your room but dangerous UV rays will be reduced.

We don’t just supply blinds

Sunset Blinds also offers a free home design consultation service. We have been in business for 25 years, so we can offer professionalism and expertise. We will:

  • Visit you in your home or office and discuss your project with you
  • Offer design advice
  • Quality blinds at competitive prices
  • A personal service

A Unique made to measure blinds service

As well as offering a wide range of fabrics and finishes. We can help you create a contemporary and stylish home, with blinds that can suit every room in the house, including your conservatory. It’s all a matter of your choice, and our ability to work with our customers to fulfil their dreams.

Contact the made to measure roller blinds experts

Please contact us for a free no obligation consultation, and let us help you move your design dreams forward. A room that’s fitted with a new roller blind will be transformed, so what are you waiting for!